The only inhabited planet in its System. The other planets in the system are full of valuable minerals and gasses. Long ago, the Calrithians set up a shield network around the planets so it would not become a war zone with people fighting to control the resources. Various group still try, so they’re often at war. They most often have to deal with hacker-pirates who make a small entry holes in the shields.


Landmasses pretty much cover the whole planet so there are no oceans. The land is covered with a rambling network of rivers and is very mountainous. Beneath the surface, there are often caverns with underground lakes.

Additional geography varies by location on the planet.


The atmosphere is friendly to life except for a period of about 5 local hours beginning just before dawn. At this time, a heavy blanket of fog covers the land. It’s so thick, the air is nearly liquid water and cannot be breathed. Because of this, buildings are made to be air-tight at these times, and to venture outside, the Calrithians either hold their breath or wear a breathing mask.

Except for this morning fog, the humidity and overall climate is perpetually moderate and comfortable to the Calrithians and the local flora and fauna.

Storms are infrequent, but occur when a wind and the fog mix.

Because of the shield around the planet, the sky looks more greenish than blue.

Flora & Fauna

Because of the morning fog, most plants are the type that can handle a lot of moisture. The most common are: Bog Trees (tall and lush with dark blue leaves), various types of Clingers (a sort of cross between mushrooms and vines), and various types of Tassel Flowers (any color, look like drooping tassels on a thin stalk).

Additional flora varies by location on the planet.

The most common animals include birds which are bat-like creatures who can fly as well as swim, and the tasty Verta (resembling a miniature hippopotamus, but who is amphibious).

Additional fauna varies by location on the planet.